Online requesting of the numbering authorization of invoices

Starting August 1st 2016, DIAN will allow obtaining the numbering authorization of invoices through its electronic services


The Tax Authority, through electronic computing services, will allow users to obtain the authorization of numbering in real time. As a result, more than 895.000 legal entities and 800.000 individuals will not have to attend to the DIAN contact points to request the authorization, activation and inactivation of online numbering.

Among the most important changes is the validity of the numbering of the invoice, that will have a period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. Also, the ranges of the numbering will depend on the operation volume that manages the applicant, making easier the controlling of the use of invoice as well as the development of its economic activity.

Citizens who acquire goods and services can consult at www.dian.gov.co if the invoice issued is between the ranges authorized by the DIAN, serving as a mechanism against evasion.