New companies will be able to obtain the tax identification number before the Chambers of Commerce

After a newly formed company is listed in the commercial registry, it must request the issuance of a Tax Identification Number (NIT) before the Chamber of Commerce


In its Resolution No. 52 of June 14th, 2016, the Colombian Tax Authority –DIAN— determined the procedures for the registration and amending of the tax identification registry (RUT) before the Chambers of Commerce. Before the issuance of Resolution No. 52, this procedure had to be carried out directly before DIAN, resulting in time consuming procedures.

In order to complete the registration process in the RUT, the applicant must complete and file the form that is found in DIAN’s web page, and submit a copy of the identification document of the legal representative.

The request or amendment of the RUT can be carried out directly by the legal representative of the new company, or by an appointed attorney. When the process is carried out by an attorney, a duly notarized power of attorney must be provided.

Resolution No. 52 is in force since June 14th, and it repealed Resolution 000122 of June 24th 2014.