No exemptions apply on the Tax on Financial Transactions – GMF – on grounds of the migratory status or nationality of the taxpayer

Beneficial treatments in tax matters have a restrictive and limited application which shall be expressly specified by relevant regulations


The GMF Tax, currently at a rate of 0,4%, was created by means of Law 633 of 2000, and applies to accountholders and entities belonging to the financial system, from January 1st 2001 onwards. For tax purposes, DIAN defined as “financial transactions” the disposal of resources from savings or checking accounts, including the withdrawal of cash through checks, debit cards, ATMs, cash points, checkbooks, among others. In this definition, there are no special treatments on account of the nationality or migratory status of the taxpayer or user of the financial services. Therefore, GMF taxpayers are all users and clients of entities regulated by the Financial Superintendence, without distinctions of nationality or migration status.