The directors and representatives of the industrial property offices of Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, the WIPO Deputy General Director of the Development Sector, and the program Manager of the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, have gathered in the Pacific Alliance Conversatory in order to discuss innovation levels in the region and the importance of cooperation of organizations such as WIPO for the economic and social development of the mentioned countries.


The participants established that in order to promote innovation, incentives must be incorporated in national policies concerning Industrial Property, as well as the promotion and formation of integrated innovation and interconnected ecosystems, human capital investments, increasing the use of financial and fiscal tools that promote the development of capabilities in infrastructure, communications and information technologies. WIPO expressed its primary interest in assisting developing countries to make effective use of the Industrial Property System, addressing the increasingly complex and sophisticated demands of industrial property systems, ensuring technical assistance sustainability in the long term in order to achieve a balance between the interests of the different parties.