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Persons applying to be registered before the Tax Authority to obtain a Tax-ID (RUT) will no longer be required to prove the ownership of a bank account

Decree 589 issued the 11th of April, 2016


Decree 589/2016 modified the requirements for obtaining and amending the RUT by legal entities and individuals.

The Decree eliminates the proof of ownership of a checking’s or savings account for carrying out the procedure of registering and amending the RUT of legal entities, which is made before the Tax Authority (DIAN).

Likewise, for those legal entities and individuals who are obliged to be registered before the commercial registry of the Chamber of Commerce, the requirement of obtaining a provisional Tax-Id number, that was used for opening the bank account (Form 1648), prior to the final registry in the RUT, was eliminated. With the elimination of this procedure, the RUT certificate may be obtained directly before the Chamber of Commerce.