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Decree that regulates VAT refund for purchases made by foreign non-resident visitors in Colombia

Decree 660 issued the 23rd of April 2016 by the Ministry of Finance


The Colombian Ministry of Finance recently issued a decree that regulates the procedure for VAT refund for the purchases made by foreign non-resident visitors to Colombia. This refund applies for taxed goods or services acquired in commercial establishments located in the Special Units of Border Development. Through the implementation of this regulation, the Ministry seeks to establish a procedure to facilitate the control and management of VAT refunds made to the aforementioned beneficiaries.

This regulation includes a series of definitions, as it determines the taxed services or goods to which the refund is applicable, as well as the amounts that may be refunded. Additionally, the regulation determines the requirements and procedures that need to be carried out in order to receive the tax refund. For example, it is necessary to file personally before the competent officials, at the time of leaving the country, the form by which the return is requested, attaching a series of exhibits such as the invoices. After carrying out the verification of the request, the competent authority designated by the Colombian Tax Authority – DIAN will carry out the procedure for the payment of the refund to the beneficiaries directly to their credit card.