Legal Bulletin


The Single Tax, the Sugary Tax and the Carbon Tax would be created as national taxes.

The Single Tax seeks to substitute the income tax and its complementary taxes (capital gains) for individuals that obtain their incomes from informal activities (retail or hairdressing saloons) and that voluntarily avail themselves to this new tax. The Single Tax objective is to stablish more beneficial rates and a simpler tax system for taxpayers.

The Sugary Tax pursues to levy with a tax rate of three hundred Colombian pesos (COP$ 300) every liter produced or imported of sugary drink, powders, syrups and concentrates for the production of sugary drinks. This tax specific destination is to finance the General Social Security System.

The Carbon Tax seeks to levy the sale, retirement, the import for own consumption or the import for the sale of fossils fuels, including all petroleum-based products used for energy purposes. The applicable rate will vary depending on the carbon percentage of the different fossil fuels or petroleum-based products.