Intellectual Property Bulletin




Last year on 2016, the Colombian Government had to face the difficult position of studying the possibility of granting a compulsory license for the drug Glivec® medicament.  The compulsory license was not granted and the Colombian Government decided to solve the problem through a cost reduction.


The main reason why the compulsory license for Glivec® was requested last year, was based on its high costs.  A dosage per year of said drug had a cost of USD 15.000.  Some non-government associations requested the compulsory license based on the weakness of the patent as it was granted, the high costs of the mentioned drug and the possibility of costs reduction.

After a hard discussion before the Colombian Health Ministry which included private pharmaceutical associations, commercial associations and a variety of developing countries agents the Colombian government decided not to confer the compulsory license but to solve the problem of the drug access regulating the price.

On December 2016, Glivec®’s price was adjusted from $0.122 USD to $0.068 USD per milligram (this means a 44% price reduction).