Legal Bulletin



Amendments to some of the procedures applicable to the registry of foreign exchange operations before the Colombian Central Bank  

Within these amendments, new instructions are included for the filing of foreign exchange forms.


Through its Bulletin No. 56 of December 23rd, 2016, the Board of Directors of the Colombian Central Bank introduced some modifications to the procedures applicable to foreign exchange operations that shall be registered before the Central Bank for statistical purposes.

These amendments affect some aspects related to the minimum information of foreign exchange operations (in-bound and out-bound) for international investments, including the inclusion in exchange forms of new destinations for foreign investments in Colombia.

The changes, mostly related to operational aspects, also include the procedures for the electronic transmission of information to the Central Bank through the Statistical Exchange System (SEC).

The new bulletin also modifies some existing procedures for the electronic filing of forms, such as the procedure for the electronic transmission of registration information, movement report and/or cancellation of foreign bank accounts registered for foreign exchange purposes before the Central Bank (Form No. 10).