Intellectual Property Bulletin




The Colombian Patent Office stated that a patent will be granted to those inventions of products or procedures in all fields of technology as long as they meet with the requirements: novelty, inventive level and industrial application. However, it also highlights the following limits to grant a patent in the country.


The Article 15 of Decision 486 of the Andean Community Commission highlights: discoveries source of findings in nature; scientific theories in the context of finding explanation to phenomena or natural laws; methods or mathematical models that deal with problems generated by situations of daily life; all or part of living beings, biological material or biological processes as found in nature; literary or artistic works; plans, rules and methods for intellect, games or economic-commercial activities; computer programs or logical support, and; the ways of displaying information.

On the other hand, the Patent Office highlights the following subject matter as non-patentable material based on articles 20 and 21 of the same Decision: inventions against public and moral order; inventions against health, life of people or animals, preservation of vegetables or the environment; plants, animals or biological processes; therapeutic, surgical or diagnostic methods, and products and procedures already disclosed in the state of the art.