Intellectual Property Bulletin



Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).
In Latin America only Colombia and Mexico have programs to apply the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH). However, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru have mechanisms in their rules to speed up the prosecution of patent applications.


EPO and Spain cooperate to improve Latin American Patent System.
On July 2014, EPO and the Spanish Patent Office signed an agreement addressed to cooperate with Latin American Patent Offices in order to implement improvements to substantive examinations.


Registration of colors as trademarks
In Latin America, some countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia allow for the possibility of registering colors as trademarks as long as they are delimited by a specific form, while Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala admit the registration of a combination of colors but forbid the registration of trademarks formed by a single color. Chile and Venezuela expressly forbid the registration of color trademarks without distinguishing if the registration of combinations of colors is or not allowed.


Intellectual Property Infringements will be included in the Criminal Law
Intellectual property rights are not categorized as crimes in the Ecuadorian Integral Criminal Code, in force since 2014. Therefore, the Law Amendment Project, currently being socialized, includes a chapter addressing “Intellectual Property Infringements”.