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Changes in the TAX-ID

16 of June 2016

Changes in the TAX-ID

New amendment to the TAX-ID (RUT) for those taxpayers required to keep accounting books.

The RUT must be amended to include “Tax Responsibility No. 42- Required to keep accounting books”, and for identifying the accounting group to which the taxpayer belongs.

The Colombian Tax Authority – DIAN- required all individuals and legal entities that are obliged to maintain accounting books, to amend their RUT for purposes of including the new “Tax Responsibility No. 42 – Required to have accounting books”.

Additionally, in section No. 89 of the RUT, the taxpayer must identify the accounting group to which it belongs, in accordance with Decree 2420 of 2015. For example, entities of the private sector belonging to Group 1 must include the No. 79; those in the Group 2 must include No. 80; and those who make up Group 3 must include No. 81.

Finally, in section No. 89 of the RUT, the taxpayer must identify the system it uses to reconcile accounting provisions with tax provisions, in accordance with Decree 2548 of 2014.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any support from our side to carry out this update procedure.