The government has not declared any global quarantine measure that affect the operation of the companies in a drastic way. Nonetheless, with the issuance of the executive orders 17 of 2020 and 18 of 2020, it has been implementing some measures tending to avoid the spread of the outbreak and to obtain reports of suspicious cases.

First of all, and aside from the common and well-known infrastructure and personal hygiene measures, the government is intending to promote the application of the following strategies in the private sector: (i) to authorize the telework in those cases in which is possible, (ii) to adopt flexible workhours with the objective of avoiding congestions and massive agglomeration in public transportation, and (iii) to reduce the number of face-to-face meeting using the technological tools available.

Secondly, the government has compelled the employers to report frequently and immediately (i) the hygiene measures taken by the employers, and (ii) any suspicious case of Covid-19 such as employees who are unable to work caused by a flu or a medical prescription.

Thirdly, the government has enacted similar measures applicable to public entities which are part of the executive and judicial branch.

You can find other measures adopted in the following bulletin.

Bulletin PHR | COVID 19