Upon WHO announcement of Coronavirus as a global pandemic (03/12/2020), the President of Colombia has declared a health emergency in Colombia to enable the government to pass administrative and executive orders oriented to control and mitigate coronavirus outbreak in Colombia, yet capable of potentially impacting social events, education programs, the judiciary system, labor hours, public transportation, and ordinary course of business in Colombia, generally.  Additionally, the Mayor of Bogotá has declared a “yellow-level alert” regarding public health, which also allows the district government to implement similar measures in coordination with national government.

Aside from the common and well-known hygiene measures, both, national and district government have been announcing new measures regarding: (i) corporate measures, (ii) judiciary system, (iii) tax regulation, (iv) economic aids and financial grants, (v) labor changes, (vi) travelling affairs, (vii) social events, and (viii) changes in education methods.

You can find other measures adopted in the following bulletin.

Bulletin PHR | COVID 19