COVID 19 | Measures related with visa application processes and suspension of legal terms


Resolution 1296 of 2020

On April 21, 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolution No. 1296 establishing measures as to visa application processes and the suspension of some legal terms. Below you will find the main aspects to consider:

  1. The foreigners that are currently within Colombia territory can apply for a visa through the online platform of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Bogotá.
  2. During the state of emergency declared by the Colombian Government, the following restrictions will apply:
    1. For the holders of a Visitor Visa (Type V) it is not allowed to modify their visa category. Therefore they will only be allowed to apply for the same type of visa.
    2. The foreigners that are currently abroad, are not allowed to apply for a Colombian visa. The Colombian Consulates are not authorized to process visa applications.
  3. During the state of emergency declared by the Colombian Government, the following temporary measures will apply:
    1. For foreigners abroad, the validity of current visas will be suspended if they are holders of the following visa categories: i) Type V to provide temporary services; ii) Type V granted due to intra-corporate transfer of personnel; and, iii) for all Migrant Visas (Type M).
    2. For those foreigners currently abroad, the maximum term of absence from Colombia considered as a cause of anticipated termination of a Type M and Resident (Type R) visas will be suspended.
    3. The legal terms for the stamping of visas in the passport will be also suspended.

Attached you will find the mentioned Resolution and we will continue monitoring the current situation to inform you any additional changes in immigration matters.

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