In order to protect the economy and to create a relief atmosphere for the productive sector of the economy, especially for the tourism and aviation industries, the President of Colombia has declared changes in the tax and fiscal calendar during the first semester of 2020.

According to the most recent public statements, the government has approved special terms for the presentation and payment of the para-fiscal contribution for the tourism sector.  Although, this payment must have been done by the end of the first quarter of the year, the government will permit to do it by July.

Same measures were implemented regarding the Value – Added Tax (VAT) of the first semester of 2020 and the income tax of the 2019 for the tourism and aviation sector.  According to the set of measures, the payment of these taxes will now have to be done during the second semester of the year.

Additionally, the government has announced the reduction of customs fees for health products and some aviation items.

You can find other measures adopted in the following bulletin.

Bulletin PHR | COVID 19