COVID 19 | Extension of deadlines in tax matters

31 of March 2020

COVID 19 | Extension of deadlines in tax matters

Extension for filing and payment of taxes in Bogotá D.C.

The local Tax Authority extended deadlines to pay industry and commerce tax, property tax and tax on vehicles.

As a consequence of health emergency in Colombia due to the spread of COVID-19 –Coronavirus –, the local government extended deadlines to pay the aforementioned taxes as follows

  1. Industry and Commerce Tax: Tax return and payment for the second and third bimester (March – April and May – June) until July 31, 2020.
  2. Property Tax – residential and non-residential properties:
    1. With a 10% discount: until June 5, 2020.
    2. Without discount: until June 26, 2020.
    3. Alternative Payment System for Voluntary Fees (SPAC): the initial tax return must be submitted before April 30, 2020.
      1. The payment term of the four (4) installments will be as follows:
        1. First installment: June 12, 2020
        2. Second installment: August 14, 2020
        3. Third installment: October 9, 2020
        4. Fourth installment: December 11, 2020
  3. Tax on vehicles:
    1. 10% discount: until July 3, 2020.
    2. Without discount: until July 24, 2020.
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